Farid Tabarki & Ingrid van der Wacht (projectmanager @ PROUD)


Recap PROUD Proms

During the DDW 2014 the Night of the PROUD Proms took us into the changing ... Show more

ART 3.000


Toolshop available soon

Commisioned by PROUD Studio Lvwp joined forces with Stans van Dongen from Sindsdien to create the ... Show more


Co-design visions

’Co-design is vital to many aspects of the design process.’ Adam Reineck -

Adam Reineck -

Tapping into the collective intelligence of thousands of people to quickly gain inspiration and knowledge about a subject can give you the same results as months of research in a fraction of the time.
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New way of working

"After the co-design challenge in Brie (Fr), I integrated two key elements of the co-design ... Show more